Bingo Game Online: Play Bingo for free or real money

The Old McDonald had a farm and Bingo was his name… B-I-N-G-O.

Of course, today we are taking a look not at Bingo the dog, but a very fun, and often underappreciated bingo game. Bingo! And we’ll put special emphasis on playing Bingo game online

The game of Bingo is often portrayed as a senior’s game. Like on Better Call Saul:

Better Call Saul

But this kind of portrayal doesn’t do justice to this game. A game that is older than poker, roulette and blackjack.

That’s something, right?

And while it is true that the game is slower-paced compared to fast spinning slots or similar casino games, Bingo is exciting in a variety of different ways.

How Bingo game online works

Bingo game onlineSome of you stumbled on this page by accident and probably never played Bingo before. Let’s quickly review the rules of the game and how it differs live versus online.

Bingo game online rules don’t change a great deal.

You purchase a ticket in advance and wait for the drawing, like the lottery. Here, perhaps, the largest difference is the amount of players.

In live games, there can be only as many people as the venue allows, while online there can be thousands of players entering a Bingo game.

Is bingo a lottery?

Similar to a lottery, there are dozens of different Bingo games. In some you have to match 15 out of a 75 numbers, elsewhere the drawing ball number increases to 90, etc. Unlike lottery, however,

Bingo games don’t allow you to pick numbers yourself. The drawing tickets are pre-printed.

bingo a lotteryLastly, there is one major difference between Bingo and any traditional lottery. Lotteries can have rollovers.

No one wins the jackpot, so the main prize moves to the next drawing. In Bingo there is always at least one winner, because the game continues until someone finally proclaims ‘Bingo!’.

And that’s where we come to the online version of Bingo. While live you have the social aspect, you are often limited to the games that are available to you.

Online you have the variety of game rules and buy-ins.

Free bingo online – endless options

If you never played Bingo before, you may not feel confident yet on putting your own money on the line. The best choice for you is to try free bingo online.

5 line bingoFree Bingo is not like play money slots. Even though you enter for free, there are real prizes: cash, bonuses, free tickets and more.

Plus, there are tons of welcome gifts you can claim, as well when you join an online Bingo site.

But let’s get back to actual Bingo. Which there are tons of variations.

  • Try Mini Bingo – a simpler version of the main game
  • Go for the big prize in Progressive Jackpot Bingo
  • Expand your chances in 3-way, 5-way or 7-way bingo game.

The list of options goes on and on.

Finally, what you must remember is that you are not limited to one Bingo site like in a live setting. If you have an hour, and would love spend time playing bingo, you can find a bingo game online running every 5-10 minutes on different sites.

This way instead of playing one or two rounds of Bingo in an hour, you can play seven rounds. Or 10. All free.

The more you play, the more chances to win you get.

Bingo for money

Bingo for moneyGoing for free games to Bingo for money is a large step. Funnily, even if you move to $0.50 cent games, it may seem quite significant.

If you don’t like that idea, don’t do it. Like lottery, Bingo is a game of chance. You may hit a big win on your second try, or not have one for a long time.

We’ll say this again: only move to real money Bingo games if you like the game, plan to continue playing and have a separate bankroll for online games.

But in defense of the real money games we’ll say this, the number of opponents massively decreases when there is real money involved.

And since there must be at least one winner (there may be more, depending on the payout structure), the fewer players participate, the bigger chance you have to win the round.

Is it worth it? Various deposit bonuses and sweating for your own money makes the game more exciting. Guaranteed.

But, as we said, only if you have a separate gaming bankroll and are ready to lose anything you put it. That’s how games of chance work.