Attendance Management System

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Attendance Management System

Not able to achieve the best school award due to lack of dedicated software for attendance management? Or your staff is tangled in the other activities rather than investing themselves in the educational activities. It’s time to change your view and adopt the advanced way of classroom management. Let your campus ERP integrate with JKPRS's attendance management system and see the difference!

Increase the level of trust and transparency with contactless attendance management. Let the fingerprint or RFID card-based system mark the student’s attendance and the teacher teach the sessions. Transfer the data from thumb to cloud and let everyone enjoy the essence of learning.

Help your students to reduce truancy and divert them on the way of punctuality, retention, focus, and ultimately help them to achieve their academic goals. Let JKPRS’s attendance management software integrate with third-party software and send the daily attendance updates of the child to the respective parent’s contact details through app notification, SMS, or email.

Allow your school ERP to scale up or down with the scalable and flexible features of our software. Map your student information system with the attendance system and track down the academic and attendance records of any student. Let the daily, performance-based, late, absence reports assist you to evaluate the students’ performance and help you to assign the attendance-based internal grades. Ease your system operating with the customized dashboards, auto-synchronization with your web portal.

Access the system on leading digital devices and operating systems like iOS and android, and break the location boundness hurdle. Allow to work your staff from their comfort zone as the app supports mobile app integration.

Promote your digital agenda by adopting dedicated software from JKPRS, an attendance management system. Give new wings to your staff to concentrate on the academic growth of their students rather than engaging them in non-core activities.

R-Automation School ERP Software

Features Of JKPRS Attendance Management Software

* Tracking Of Early Departures

R-Automation attendance management system helps to track the IN time as well as OUT time of the students keeping a clear and transparent Data of that.

* Category-Wise attendance

R-Automation attendance management software enables the organization to have proper class wise as well as department wise attendance data without any major or minor errors.

* Proper Periodical Analysis

You can get multiple options to view attendance sheets Including division wise, period wise as well class wise through R-Automation attendance management software.

Key Features of Student Database Management System

* Very Simple Working

R-Automation attendance management software has a very simple working procedure which helps the management and teachers to use it easily without major errors in concept.

* Easy Integration

R-Automation also offer integration with Biometric Machin and RFID Card to Automate the attendance process. Auto Alert can also be sent through system.

* Multiple Report Options

R-Automation attendance management software provides multiple report options on single click along with the option of customized reports thus making the analysis very easy and efficient

Benefits of R-Automation Attendance Management Software

  • Proper attendance sheet with IN and OUT times
  • Integration of calendar helps better activity management
  • Mobile App interphase for Easy Entry and Access
  • It helps to manage leaves of employees
  • Biometric integration is possible through face as well as thumb print
  • RFID Autogenerate Attendance System

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FAQ on School ERP

A school ERP software is a combined set of applications that integrates all major functionalities of school administration, academic, and campus management. It is a dedicated Enterprise Resource Planning software that embeds the latest technology in each section of school management like admissions, administration, academic scheduling, virtual classes, e-exams, school bus transport, event management, communication App, student portal so that all these activities are carried out efficiently. By availing of the advanced features of the system, each of the entities involved in the process gets benefited.

Improved efficiency, streamlined operations and effective communications are the major benefit of the cloud-based school ERP software! A common, easy-to-use platform manages and streamlines all activities. It reduces the workload of the staff and making them more productive to look into more productive activities. The accurate processing of data makes the system efficient for managing a large volume of data with the security and safety fencing around it. The software offers all benefits of the cloud making the system a perfect fit for the now and future!

The robust, efficient School ERP system is a great relief for the school management. It significantly reduces the workload and frees the staff from doing monotonous tasks and converting their potential into fruitful activities. The features like cost-effectiveness, automation, efficiency, ingenuity help the school administration to manage the resources better and look for the core aims of giving better education. The School ERP system manages not only the administration but also the campus and other co-relative activities like transport, event management reducing the overhead.

The cost factor of a school management ERP software totally depends upon the requirement. As it is a comprehensive software, it covers core functionality along with complementary features. Generally, the pay per module works best while deciding the cost of the software. It enables you to pay for only those modules you want to implement in your educational institute. There are other cost deciding criteria like pay per student/month or pay annually. Generally, ERP cost in India ranges from Rs.5 per student per month to Rs. 50 per student per month depending upon features and service-support model.

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